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ProGreen Landscaping ​Services

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Let the expertly trained crews of ProGreen Services, LLC provide you with clean, prompt and dependable service. Our experienced landscapers will give you the attractively maintained landscaping you desire!  With our property maintenance service, your grass will be green and healthy and your plants, bushes and trees expertly manicured.

Our Complete Property Maintenance Services include:         

Lawn and Turf Care


Mowing, edging, trimming and blowing



A properly maintained irrigation system is vital part of landscape management. Everything starts here. 

Arbor Care


Professionaly trimmed and shaped trees add splendor to your landscaping and

ensure the long term health of your trees. 

Seasonal Color


Creatively designed flower beds increase your property's curb appeal. 



Revive your property with fresh sod as needed. 



Neatly trimmed bushes and floral displays complement any landscape.



Enhance the beauty of your property while protecting plants from erosion, discouraging weed growth and encouraging water retention.

Weed Control


Keeping the weeds under control yields a lush green lawn and is essential to the overall look of any property.



Improve the quality, color and thickness of your turf as well as your landscape

beds with timely applications of fertilizer. 

Integrated Pest Management Services (IPM) 


No one likes bugs! Especially not your landscape! Let us implement our IPM

programs designed specifically for your property. Now treating for White Fly, too!!

Landscape Design and Installation


Let our experienced team work for you.  

We will design and install a landscape

that suits your taste and budget.

Free Estimates


No two projects are the same.  We don't believe one price fits all and we will not skimp on your service. We provide accurate, realistic and reasonable estimates.

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